Join us at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays and get connected with others like yourself through a small group class. Our Group Bible Study classes are designed to help you learn the Bible better, enhance your prayer life, and grow deeper as a part of God’s family.


Midweek Boost service meets each Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. While the Sunday services utilize teaching and music, Midweek Boost service understands our potential as individuals, and as a church, rests completely in God’s power.  We will focus on boosting our faith in bible study and prayer to help us through the workweek. Often, Boost uses small groups that address spiritual formation for new believers to heavy apologetics. Come and join other adults in the Worship Center to determine the best growth setting for you.


9:30 a.m. Small Group Bible Study

6 p.m. Midweek Worship


Teacher: Mark Thrift
Location: Student Worship Center

This class is designed for those 18-23 who are in college or working. The teaching style is a mixture of activities and discussion.

Teacher: Wendy Cranford/Kay Petrus
Location: Student Center Room S111

This class is for those 24-30ish working or those working on their master's degrees.

Teacher: Caitlyn Bamburg
Location: Student Center Room S110

This class is designed for all young married couples 18-30ish. The teaching style is geared more toward open discussion.

Teacher: Gus Johnson
Location: Student Center Room S209

This class is for married couples. The teaching style is informal with discussion.


Teacher: Mark Juneau
Location: Student Center Room S207

A relational class made up of primarily those in their 40’s that utilizes a lecture teaching style as well as a discussion format to cover life issues in the world today.

Teacher: Wendy Bailes
Location: Ministry House

This class for married and single women in their 40’s and 50’s with a good mixture of lecture and discussion.

Teacher: Todd Bordelon
Location: Adult Building Room E202

Members of this class of median married adults are in their mid to late 50’s comprised primarily of empty nesters. The teaching style is lecture and discussion oriented.

Teacher: Paul Eaton
Location: Student Center Room S211

A class comprised of couples in their 40’s.  An informal teaching style is used with active class participation and discussion.

Teacher: Roger Lawrence
Location: Adult Building Room E201

A class with open borders for adults of any age. The goal each Sunday is to achieve a deeper understanding of God's Word mixed with practical life application.

Teacher: Brett Cloyd
Location: Student Center Room S212

This Class consists of couples primarily in their 40's. The teaching style is lecture with  some discussion.

Teacher: Wade Bishop
Location: Student Center Room S213

This class has couples in their 30’s and 40’s. The teaching style is lecture with some discussion.

Teacher: Bobby Semmes
Location: Student Center Room S208

This class consists of couples primarily in their late 30’s to early 40’s. The teaching style is lecture with some discussion.


Teacher: Joe Hall
Location: Fellowship Hall

A class comprised of those in their mid 60's that enjoy their grandchildren and are either retired or looking to get there soon! The class uses a lecture-style teaching format.

Teacher: Milton Jones
Location: Adult Building Room E104

A class that includes those in their late 60’s that use some lecture coupled with a good amount of discussion. Class carries a strong emphasis on community involvement.

Teacher: Sheila Stark
Location: Adult Building Room E103

A class for women in their 60’s with a lecture teaching format with some discussion.

Teachers: Larry Baldwin & Mike Langston
Location: Student Center Room S210

A class that includes those mostly in their early 6o’s with a good mixture of class discussion and lecture.

Teacher: Mike Pirtle
Location: Adult Building Room E203

A class that includes those in their 50's and early 6o’s with a good mixture of class discussion and lecture.


Teacher: Candy Gates
Location: Adult Building Room E105

This is a women’s class, small enough to encourage comments, questions and discussion, and prayer for individual and church needs. It is comprised of married and single women in their late 60’s to early 70’s with a healthy balance of lecture and discussion.

Teachers: Polk Brian
Location: Adult Building Room E101

Members in this class are men ranging from their late 70’s to 80’s. A formal style of teaching is employed while enjoying the fellowship of one another.

Teacher: Cathy Waldrop
Location: Adult Building Room E102

A lively group of women in their 70’s that enjoy a lecture teaching style with strong biblical and historical emphasis on the lesson.  This class is active in pursuing avenues to do missions in the community.

Teacher: Jim Merriweather
Location: Adult Building Room E204

The teaching style of this class made up primarily of retired couples in their 70’s is lecture paired with some discussion.

Teacher: Joe Phillips
Location: Adult Building Room E106

This group of couples in their mid-70’s enjoys a healthy balance of lecture and discussion.

Teacher: Nancy Green & Jully DuBoice
Location: Ministry House

Class begins at 9:30 am.

Amigos Spanish Class 

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